Google TV

NEW YORK ( — Google opened up an entirely new store of inventory for advertisers today with Google TV, an interactive platform that collapses the wall between TV and internet in the living room. The service, created with hardware partners Sony, Logitech and Intel, will launch this fall on TVs, set-top boxes and Blu-ray players.

“Every ad on TV has the potential to become interactive,” Google TV Technical Director Vincent Dureau said at the I/O developer conference, where the platform was announced. “Your TV content just became more interesting.”

TV is the final screen for the search giant after it made its name in online search 10 years ago and moved into mobile with Android in 2007. While interactive TV has long been in the works from other providers, technology and a host of other issues have kept it from reaching a scale that would attract more money from major advertisers. Google’s existing relationships with advertisers for search and display ads, though, could theoretically turn the tide for interactive TV.