Local SEO: The Most Powerful Customer Acquisition Strategy

Last week, ZOG Digital held a webinar entitled “Digital Marketing for Multi-Location Businesses” – presented by ZOG, UBL and Forrester – as a 101 course in the who, what, where, why and how of Local SEO or Local / Mobile Search.  Like most marketers, I don’t have time for webinars – but I DO have time for… you guessed it – Cliffs Notes.  Here are the Cliffs Notes (Article) from that webinar that illustrate the importance of, and how to accomplish optimization within Local / Mobile Search for a Multi-Location Business.

Local search engine optimization has proven its ability to drive in-store sales.

ZOG Digital & QSR Magazine, July 2014.

  • Local SEO success comes with three tactics; On-Page Optimization, Local Directory Syndication and Local Link Building.
  • With On-Page Optimization, if location-based information is not indexable, it will reduce your search rank and visibility to local searchers.
  • With Directory Listings, the more directories that cite a business’s location data, the more credibility it is given by search engines, increasing search rank.
  • With Local Link Building, it is the quality and quantity of links that matters – a time consuming task, done on a localized level, with local keywords, on external websites that have local reach.
  • Relevance.  Restaurants are the most searched for industry on mobile browsers and mobile apps.
  • Conversion Timeline.  90% of mobile searchers convert within the day, 64% within the hour of their search query (Source: Nielsen).
  • Competitive Advantage.  The restaurant industry is currently, generally unsophisticated in the adoption of Local SEO, thus providing an opportunity to gain a head start on optimization that will pay off months and years down the line.

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NRN’s Restaurant Social Media Index

Straight from NRN… The NRN Social 200 List!

a live look at the social media footprints of the nation’s largest restaurant chains. Built with TrackingSocial, the Social 200 index monitors restaurant brand efforts and customer engagement on the three largest social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Developed on a scale of one to infinity, much like a stock price, the index values for each brand, and the aggregate industry values, will fluctuate each day, week or month, depending on activity. This new index is sortable by header topic so users can view growth trends, segment leaders and individual value scores.

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Consumers Prefer Simple Brands

…just ask McDonalds.

“We’ve been happy to see that for four years in a row, the brands that are simplest are the ones that people are most likely to recommend,” says Brian Rafferty, global director of customer insights at Siegel+Gale. “They’re also the ones that perform the best financially from store performance, and they’re also the ones people are willing to pay a premium for.”

From QSR Magazine + Sigel & Gale’s Global Brand Simplicity Index.

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