4 CuttSEO (SEO) Myths

Matt Cutts provides commentary on 4 myths with SEO & Google  (as covered by Search Engine Watch & Jennifer Slegg) – here’s the cheat sheet;

  1. MYTH – Paying for Google AdWords = Higher Organic Rankings (in my opinion, this is a correlation, not a causation – companies that pay more in adwords typically have more advanced digital marketing as a whole, both for that massive PPC budget, and for SEO).
  2. MYTH – Google Changes its Algorithm to Force People to Buy Ads (no, that’s just Facebook, however, Google certainly is dabbling with making the lines between paid and organic less distinct – in the name of user experience???).
  3. MYTH – Black Hat Tricks, The Best Way to Rank #1 (just like the RA in college telling you that you can’t bring alcohol in the dorm, but hey, look who shows up to the party for a drink!  Actually, no – in all reality, severe black hat tactics might work, but they won’t work for long – and the penalties suck!)
  4. MYTH – SEO Tools Will Solve All Your Problems (THANK YOU, Cutts!  Finally, some balanced opinion on standalone SEO tools without strategy, insight or creative assets.  The real question is, how many MOZ or Brightedge subscribers DONT actively use their account for all of the benefits?).

The one thing he mentions certainly is NOT a MYTH – Give Searchers what they WANT.

Relevance Algorithm Updates Coming…

Matt Cutts speaks to a new quality-focused algorithm update coming down the line – as a means to separate true keyword relevance from popularity.  Yet again, it all comes back to relevant content…

“So it is difficult, but it is a lot of fun. We actually have some algorithmic changes that try to figure out hey this site is the better match for something like a medical query,” Cutts said. “And I’m looking forward those rolling out because a lot of people have worked hard so that you don’t just say oh this is a well-known site therefore should match for this query, it’s this is a site that actually has some evidence that it should rank for something related to medical queries, and that’s something where we can improve the quality of the algorithms even more.”  

Thanks, Search Engine Watch & Jennifer Slegg

Link Building – No Article Directories

Article Directories are OUT for Link Building (and have been) – or are they?

Over time article directories have gotten a little bit of a worse name. So just refresh everybody’s memory, an article directory is basically where you write 3-, 4-, 500 words of content and then you’ll include a little bio or some information about you at the bottom of the article, and you might have three links with keyword rich anchor text at the bottom of that article. And then you’d submit that to a bunch of what are known as article directories, and then anyone can download them or perhaps pay to download them, and they’ll use them on their own website.

Thanks, Search Engine Watch & Matt Cutts.