Social Sells / RPV

Internet Retailer recently published some great stats from (No. 202 in the Top 500 Guide) highlighting their ‘secret to success’ in social…

NoMoreRack’s social commerce sales surge is largely a reflection of the retailer increasingly viewing social media – and Facebook in particular – as a direct response channel rather than a forum to boost brand awareness, says Agarwal.

The majority of its posts focus on a specific product, as do most of the posts it pays to publicize via Facebook’s Promoted Posts… led to 35% of the retailer’s traffic in a typical month stemming from social networks.

This is in addition to Adobe’s latest Adobe Digital Index that reports;

…average revenue per visit for shoppers who click from Facebook was 93 cents in the third quarter, up about 39% from 67 cents in the same period a year earlier.

According to the Adobe Digital Index, average Revenue Per Visit from social channels is;

  • Facebook @ $0.93  (up 39% YOY from $0.67)
  • Twitter @ $0.44  (up 300% YOY from $0.11)
  • Pinterest @ $0.55  (up 150% YOY from $0.22)

Grainger & B2B Biz – Discovery Marketing

W. W. Grainger, No. 15 on the Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide, provided some great insight to Internet Retailer as to how they make online marketing work for B2B – and that it generates more than 30% of all sales ($2.7 billion online).  Here are a couple tactics that have made their B2B tic;

  • Paid Search (6M keywords for 1M products)
  • Invested Value in Search Marketing and SEO
  • Highly Targeted Emails (less volume, more target)
  • Big Data (using online data to inform offline sales, esp. with shopping cart abandonment rates)

It’s marketing strategy and understanding like this that KEEPS them at the top as the largest retailer of maintenance, repair and operations supplier.

“We don’t really go after customers online,” vice president of e-commerce Paul Miller told attendees today at the B2B Multichannel conference in Phoenix. “If we’re doing our job right, they should be finding us.”

“If they can’t find us or can’t get to our site, all the rest of the equation falls off,” Miller says. “We make sure to ask where the customer is when they start their journey and try to be relevant in that search. You can’t underestimate the importance of those first parts of the journey.”

…it sounds like they have a true understanding of what’s up next, Discovery Marketing.