AdWords Conversion CheatSheet

Interesting new changes in AdWords this past month with Flexible Conversion Counting – gives us more flexibility with assigning the conversions that matter most.  Jennifer Johnstone of Search Engine Watch provided a nice AdWords Conversion list – here’s the CheatSheet;


  • Converted Clicks (# clicks that led to conversions)
  • Conversions
  • Phone Call Conversions (via call extensions)


  • Estimated Cross-Device Conversions
  • Estimated Total Conversions







Chart-Topping Conversion Rates on Organic Traffic

MarketingSherpa just released results from their 2013 SEO Marketing Benchmark Survey – asking marketers;

“What is your organization’s conversion rate for organic traffic?”

“Which single category best describes the type of organization you work for?”

The results say it all – ORGANIC TRAFFIC and SEO drive some of the best conversion rates in the business!



But – they stress that you ‘take it with a grain of salt’ – note that conversion is different by action;

  • Form Completion w/ Multiple Data Fields – 49%
  • Online Sale Completed – 25%
  • Form Completion w/ One Data Field – 10%
  • Other – 17%

Interesting enough is how this result doesn’t fall in line with conventional thought that the more fields to complete the lower the conversion rate – this is the opposite!  In their report, they highlight several key things to keep in mind;

  • Focus on the most effective keywords for each stage of the buying cycle
  • Organic traffic converts quite well across many different indsutries
  • Consider mobile users
  • Conversion optimization can help you convert more of the traffic you’re already driving to the site

Thank you, MarketingSherpa!