It’s time to commit – to video.

If you don’t already have a video master creating daily / weekly / monthly video content for you on YouTube, Vimeo, Wistea, Periscope, Meerkat, Facebook, Vine, Instagram… then it’s time to commit (just to catch up).  One easy way to do it – WAKE brand media just launched their video subscription service – to help you to commit to creating great video content for your brand.  It’s like hiring a personal trainer – only this one will get your video content into shape!

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Google’s Consumer Barometer on Internet Use

Google did it again – they’ve built another great tool to help geeks like me spend hours delving through all of the research they’ve managed to attain and present in a nice, simple, interactive format (that’s a case study in itself!).  This time, with the Consumer Barometer, where you can explore key findings from research or build your own graphs with data collected around;

  • The Multi-Screen World
  • The Smart Shopper
  • The Smart Viewer

For instance, in studying The Smart Viewer, asking the question, “how often do people watch videos on their smartphone?”

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YouTube is a Search Engine & Other Social / Video Search Stats

In CCO this month, Seth Dotterer (VP of Marketing at Conductor / @Conductor) brought up some good points on social search and video search with his article YouTube is a Search Engine – here are the sound-bite highlights;

  • “…video is expected to account for 79 percent of all consumer internet traffic by 2018.”
  • “Facebook serves more than 1 billion searches per day, and Pinterest – consistently ranked in comScore’s top 50 digital media properties – launched guided search this summer.  (Pinterest says it wants to be the place where people search for inspiration.)”
  • “…with a little in-house talent, a decent camera and some editing software, any brand can produce video its audiences want to watch. Here are some ideas;”
    • How-to (RZ: these keywords also tend to draw massive search volume as well)
    • List (RZ: pick the most video-friendly topics from your editorial calendar)
    • Unboxing (RZ: if you enjoy unwrapping a gift, you’ll totally understand this one)

Other top video trends to align with your brand and demand (keyword search volume) can be found on YouTube’s Trends Dashboard.

Visualize = Love

A new data visualization startup is going to be launched by Stewart Langille and Lee Sherman, the men responsible for the graphics on will focus on transforming user data into infographics. It’s aim is to become a platform for exploring, sharing and promoting visualizations and also to provide a service connecting ‘data viz’ pros with the advertisers and publishers who want to use their content. is being backed by 500 startups, founded by Dave McClure, which provides companies in their early stages with funding and mentoring. The video below tells you more about the company using, as you’d expect, some pretty neat infographics.