People Eat with their Eyes

…and no one reads web copy.  So – what is it really there for?  (good question).  If something doesn’t look appealing – let’s be honest – it ISN’T appealing.

The world’s largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurants is looking to revamp their menus, store design, and ordering experience.  With a juicy budget of $2.4 billion, in 2011 McDonalds is set to rebuild 400 ‘domestic outposts’, refurbish 1,600 existing restaurants and create an extra 1000 to boot.

With over 31,000 restaurants worldwide located in over 100 countries, the big challenge for McDonalds is to curate each restaurant to account for different cultural dining practices.  To do this McDonalds VP of concept and design Denis Weil has created a team of corporate design leaders to research and get a feel for local design trends which will make each restaurant unique to its area.

Juicy Design’s Tom Williams has been working with the restaurant giant since 2003, redeveloping restaurants in Australia and now across Asia and the US.  He states the design brief was simply to “make things unique.”

Reportedly the first complete makeover since the late-seventies; one of the many changes in-restaurant will see McCafe coffee machines relocating next to tills, exhibiting barista skills in true cafe style.  Whilst oatmeal-ordering customers will be served their meal, hand-stirred at least twelve times to instill a sense of a ‘home-cooked’ breakfast.  Drive-through sales will also be redesigned for those with large orders, easy traffic and minimising wait time.

President and COO Don Thompson explains;

People eat with their eyes first…If you have a restaurant that is appealing, contemporary, and relevant both from the street and interior, the food tastes better.

5-Step Qualification Diagnostic

My prospect qualification 5-step diagnostic is used to quickly define WHAT SERVICES the prospect would need most, based on what we can infer about their business and marketing efforts from our online tools that analyze the results (and lack of results) for a prospect’s;

  1. WebSite(s)
    – WebsiteGrader (SEO)
    ClickTale (UX)
    – SEO (are people finding you?)
    – UX / Usability
    – Implied Conversion & Performance
    – Define their Company (services, revenue model)
    – Define their Site Ecosystem
    – Missed Opportunities?
    – Define their Competitors
    – Trends in their industry
  2. Estimated Traffic
    Compete (Traffic)
    Quantcast (Visitor Profile, Traffic)
    – Competitor’s traffic
    – Trends in traffic
  3. Estimated PPC Spend
    SpyFu (PPC Spend, Keywords, Competitors, etc.)
    – how much they are spending…
    – how much their competitors are spending..
    – trends in Competitor’s spending
    – trends in Competitor’s keywords?  (trademarks?)
  4. Estimated Search Volume
    Google Keyword Tool (Search Volume, Cost)
    Facebook AdTool (Demographic Targeting, Audience Size)
    – search potential
    – spend potential
  5. Social Presence
    – Facebook Fan Page
    – Twitter Page
    – online reputation
    – other social outlets…
    – social integration on site