SEO = More Time & More Freedom

If you’ve been exposed to SEO at any point in your career, you probably know about the benefits, and maybe some of the players in the space. But if you haven’t met Brian Dean, you don’t know your SEO.  Not only does he have some of the best tips to boost the off-page SEO that you’re already doing – he has a very no-nonsense way of explaining it…
“I probably don’t need to tell you about the power that first page Google rankings have for you, and your business.  Because the fact is, if we can get your sites on the first page for keywords that your customers search for everyday – life is good.  Targeted traffic rolls in, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  New clients and customers come to you.
…all of this gives you more time and more freedom.”
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Well said Brian.  Watch that video and a few other gems, here;

‘Link Building’ is a Dirty Word. Try ‘Signal Driving,’ instead.

Anyone who claims that links are dead just hasn’t been paying attention to either Google or what’s going on around them. To be honest, I’m fine with folks believing links are dead as it makes my job easier (and yours too) so let’s leave them believing it and move on.

And that’s how this latest article from Dave Davies and Search Engine Watch starts out – it had me hooked in the first paragraph.  Dave goes on to talk about why he’s never again using the term “Link Building” again (based on the history of the tactic), but instead, is moving to use the term “Signal Driving” – now that off-site SEO signals come from many different areas, not just links.


Top Tactics of Strategic Link Builders

A strategic SEO link builder is in my mind – someone that sees the opportunity in every bit of content, every content producer, and everything that could possibly generate content.  It’s a person that understands the critical SEO aspects of link building (and realizes that not just an intern / PR team can do it), and has the business case to sell it internally as an enterprise-wide requirement.  And – out of the minutia of link building, a master link builder can see the forest through the trees.  From what I have found, that ‘forest’ is made up of 10 TOP TACTICS;


  • Link Relationships, Outreach & Nurturing
  • Link Reclamation & Optimizing PR
  • Competitive Profiling
  • Custom Content
  • Directory Content
  • Static Content Conversion
  • Blogger Outreach / Product Seeding
  • Conversation & Influencer Marketing
  • Local Link Building
  • Active Optimization

…but at the end of the day, it all comes back to high-quality, valuable content.  If you’d like to see samples of these 10 TOP TACTICSemail me.


Benefits of Backlinks, Beyond SEO

Many of our clients look to our Link Building service for just the SEO rank improvement alone – but – in some cases, the additional benefits outweigh what is brought in by search rank.  SEJ provides a POV with details and case studies on The Benefits of Backlinks, beyond SEO, like;

  • Increase in Referral Traffic
  • Increase in Organic Search Traffic
  • Branding
  • Building Authority
  • Building Relationships
  • Influencer Marketing Benefits
  • Conversation Marketing Benefits
  • Promotion

5 Critical Link Building Facts

If you’ve heard that Link Building isn’t good – or that it is a dying SEO tactic, you’ve obviously heard it from the wrong source (or potentially a source that practices black hat tactics).  Jon Ball of Search Engine Watch reiterates 5 critical link building facts to back up why the importance of link building hasn’t changed (the only thing that has, is what TYPE of links).

  • Links are still the core of Google’s search algorithm.
  • Link building and content marketing are fundamentally different.
  • Content marketing is difficult to do well. It takes a PR-trained SEO-pro for high-level content creation.
  • Link building can supercharge your content marketing efforts.
  • You can still build links even if you don’t have great content.

But he forgot one thing, ABLB (always be link building).

If you still aren’t convinced, read more.

Link Building – No Article Directories

Article Directories are OUT for Link Building (and have been) – or are they?

Over time article directories have gotten a little bit of a worse name. So just refresh everybody’s memory, an article directory is basically where you write 3-, 4-, 500 words of content and then you’ll include a little bio or some information about you at the bottom of the article, and you might have three links with keyword rich anchor text at the bottom of that article. And then you’d submit that to a bunch of what are known as article directories, and then anyone can download them or perhaps pay to download them, and they’ll use them on their own website.

Thanks, Search Engine Watch & Matt Cutts.