Google’s Consumer Barometer on Internet Use

Google did it again – they’ve built another great tool to help geeks like me spend hours delving through all of the research they’ve managed to attain and present in a nice, simple, interactive format (that’s a case study in itself!).  This time, with the Consumer Barometer, where you can explore key findings from research or build your own graphs with data collected around;

  • The Multi-Screen World
  • The Smart Shopper
  • The Smart Viewer

For instance, in studying The Smart Viewer, asking the question, “how often do people watch videos on their smartphone?”

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Why Millennials Use Snapchat? They’re obsessed.

Snapchat is now the #3 social network among millennials (trailing Facebook and Instagram, and, making me feel young again – thanks Business Insider!).  BI didn’t just provide a guide showing you how to use snapchat, but also – some qualitative feedback on WHY millennials are so… obsessed. (Keep in mind, this is the PG version of all of the feedback they received).

Answers to various questions on ‘Why do you like Snapchat?’;

  • Snap Art.  No chance to edit, it’s a slice of life.
  • Discover.  Favorite brands with only the best video content.
  • One-to-One Engagement
  • Quick & Visual (Images & Video)
  • Disposable Content.  Content that has a lifespan… for 5 seconds.
  • The User-Interface is non-existent.
  • Ugly Selfies.  When you get ugly selfies from someone, that’s how you know you’re good friends.”

D&B’s Take on Relevance & Responsiveness

Great study & book report from D&B – where digital relevance = marketing relationships (which is directly related to responsiveness).  They highlight a new book Digital Relevance: Developing Marketing Content and Strategies that Drive Results, by Ardath Albee – that has some great ‘lessons to live by’ – applicable to both marketing plannign and daily life;

Marketers know relevance is critical, but they need to understand what it truly means in action and how to accomplish it….With this competency, they’ll help their companies reverse the credibility gap and help their buyers get on the fast track to problem resolution by creating better connections with depth of meaning.

D&B goes on to state that;

Digital Relevance argues that relevance maturity is contingent on how responsive the marketing team is in its execution. For example, a relevance maturity level of “irrelevance” requires the lowest level of responsive execution (the “reactive state”). Conversely, the highest relevance maturity level (“radical relevance”) calls for the “dynamic state,” or highest marketing execution level.

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The New Necessity = Content Curators

With more than an abundance of ANY content on the web (really, any.  editorial, whitepapers, reports, webinars, galleries, infographics) – what seems to be rising to the surface is the return of the POWER of CURATORS – i.e. where consumers are so overloaded (bombarded, bamboozled) by an onslaught of content, that the only way they choose to receive content is through curators they enjoy / trust.  A great case in point, Ivanka Trump‘s latest website redesign and new daily email campaign (where she’s simply curating content that her brand/product audience wants to hear).  Brilliant work, ladies!

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Have Michael Chiarello follow you on Twitter? $35.

IfOnly has brought the Neiman Marcus Christmas Catalog to life – online – only this time, it’s all in an effort to support various charities.  In the ‘Deals & Steals’ section (jk), you can buy a follower like the celebrated chef Michael Chiarello for just $35.  Talk about a unique gift, for the ‘person that has everything’.

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Betabrand’s bet on Success

Hat’s off to Betabrand – and there relentless promotion (and strategic targeting methods) with their office yoga pant.  They know how to target the right consumer audience and go in for the kill (even if it takes unlimited promoted posts in a row and Free Shipping to compete with all of the other marketing noise out there).  They also understand that they can generate demand with consumer-tested/demanded products with tactics like promoted posts, email list gen, and product annoucements before the product is even available.  In today’s day & age, 2-3 months isn’t too long to wait for a good thing…

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