Vox’s Card Stacks – short & sweet info distillation

Media, news & information done right – via Vox’s Card Stacks & pubs / media brands (like Eater, Curbed, Vox.com, Polygon, The Verge, SB Nation, Racked).  With their success (and Google’s own Cards / Knowledge Graph), it’s clear that new content forms are not just nice to have, they’re a requirement (short, sweet, & visual) – a trend that has already been happening in the mobile space, is now coming to desktop (see apps like Looksee, Nat Geo View, etc.)

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The New Necessity = Content Curators

With more than an abundance of ANY content on the web (really, any.  editorial, whitepapers, reports, webinars, galleries, infographics) – what seems to be rising to the surface is the return of the POWER of CURATORS – i.e. where consumers are so overloaded (bombarded, bamboozled) by an onslaught of content, that the only way they choose to receive content is through curators they enjoy / trust.  A great case in point, Ivanka Trump‘s latest website redesign and new daily email campaign (where she’s simply curating content that her brand/product audience wants to hear).  Brilliant work, ladies!

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Have Michael Chiarello follow you on Twitter? $35.

IfOnly has brought the Neiman Marcus Christmas Catalog to life – online – only this time, it’s all in an effort to support various charities.  In the ‘Deals & Steals’ section (jk), you can buy a follower like the celebrated chef Michael Chiarello for just $35.  Talk about a unique gift, for the ‘person that has everything’.

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Betabrand’s bet on Success

Hat’s off to Betabrand – and there relentless promotion (and strategic targeting methods) with their office yoga pant.  They know how to target the right consumer audience and go in for the kill (even if it takes unlimited promoted posts in a row and Free Shipping to compete with all of the other marketing noise out there).  They also understand that they can generate demand with consumer-tested/demanded products with tactics like promoted posts, email list gen, and product annoucements before the product is even available.  In today’s day & age, 2-3 months isn’t too long to wait for a good thing…

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Maximizing Content in Search & Social

A great example of how to get the most out of content marketing from a retailer’s perspective (or – this same strategy could work for any other business – in context) – Country Outfitter’s Style Blog and complimentary promoted social posts a la Buzzfeed – buzzworthy content presented by the brand…

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4 Google Changes worth Considering

Mary Weinstein of Search Engine Watch provided some great insight into recent changes w/ Google’s algorithm – and – the HISTORY of changes to the algorithm (great resource!);

  • Keywords NOT PROVIDED (more organic search encryption, GREAT!) – NOTE, the amount of “not provided” data on Google is now at 81%!  A great reason to setup Webmaster tools to help with insight into some of that ‘not provided’ data.
  • That big black ‘beta’ bar called ‘Google Shopping’ or the new format for Local Search Results (for specific industries only – like travel/tourism, food, etc).  Note – if this takes off, could it take down Yelp!?  STAY TUNED!
  • Google Hummingbird, powered by voice recognition, now increasing the value of optimizing for conversational search.
  • Google+ Shared Endorsements for Product Listing Ads – maybe it IS worthwhile to engage in Google+ after all…?
  • AND, here’s my favorite part… just when you think Google isn’t THAT IMPORTANT…

Google squashed Wall Street projections for YOY with a reported $14 billion in revenue for Q3 2013, and a net income of $2.97 billion, a 12% increase.

Google doesn’t mess around with search, and they are aiming to be the destination for product searches and purchases online. Google Shopping may make a lot of changes, but if you’re an online merchant that’s looking to profit, Google is the largest revenue and traffic generating shopping channel.

Thanks, Mary!


Visualize = Love

A new data visualization startup is going to be launched by Stewart Langille and Lee Sherman, the men responsible for the graphics on Mint.com. Visual.ly will focus on transforming user data into infographics. It’s aim is to become a platform for exploring, sharing and promoting visualizations and also to provide a service connecting ‘data viz’ pros with the advertisers and publishers who want to use their content.

Visual.ly is being backed by 500 startups, founded by Dave McClure, which provides companies in their early stages with funding and mentoring. The video below tells you more about the company using, as you’d expect, some pretty neat infographics.