Scott Brinker’s ‘Marketing Technology Landscape’ Map – 2015 Edition

Scott Brinker of @chiefmartec has done it again – further updating his Marketing Technology Landscape infographic / map.  I love this infographic for two reasons; (1) if I ever need to see what companies are providing services in a certain area, I just have to zoom in 15x, and (2) it gets bigger, and bigger, and bigger every year.

The real lesson out of all of this is that if you – as a business – have to rely on a graph like this to get traffic / customers – instead of showing up on page 1 search results for a simple, topical search keyword – you have a SEO problem. 293

Thank you, Scott!  Just when you thought you knew it all – he can always show you more.  View his MarTec blog @

Facebook, Atlas & Adblock – oh my!

Facebook is finally unveiling plans (thanks WSJ) for what it intends to do with the Microsoft Atlas purchase it made earlier – unleashing a ad network that would rival Google’s CDN, with all of the targeting bells & whistles that make marketers get that warm & fuzzy feeling, like;

  • Tie online ads to offline sales (connecting consumer emails provided with B&M in-store checkout to the consumer’s email on Facebook, tracking back to an influential ad that might have prompted that purchase).
  • Improving online ad measurement across the web (linking ad interactions with users Facebook accounts).
  • Provide mobile ad measurement (view tracking of Facebook / Ad messaging on mobile, then connecting that to a purchase on a tablet or desktop).
  • More than just display advertising (mobile, in-app and desktop, and all ad formats including native, email, search, social and video).
  • Ad Buying / (and potentially) Programmatic Tools, coming… (it currently has an ad serving and tracking tool, but Facebook has plans to use the same technology to help marketers actually purchase ad space).

And, of course – with the advent of a new, revolutionary way to advertise, there are equal ways to help block such advertisements with Adblock Plus;

“If you don’t want Facebook and other corporate behemoths tracking your every movement on the Internet and on all of your devices in order to hit you with unwanted ads, install Adblock Plus on every device you own,” a blog post published Wednesday on the Adblock Plus site read.

“While Adblock Plus applauds innovation that improves the advertising experience for the user, we firmly believe that the user should have the choice whether or not they want to be tracked and targeted,” the post added.

…so, naturally, marketers are stuck giving consumers more incentives to NOT block advertising. I see  Anti-Adblock Plus, Atlas Advertising ONLY deals in our future!