Media Transparency is About to get Real. REAL Real.

The Association of National Advertisers just released a RFP for a research agency to ‘demystify’ the advertising & media landscape – and clear up perception issues around rebates, kickbacks, and other practices.  Results from a recent ANA & Forrester study shows some of the hot topics marketers are most concerned about;

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 9.19.38 AM

It is apparent that there is a wide disparity in the opinions throughout the industry. The lack of a common perspectiveruns the risk of suboptimal client/agency relationships and challenged business processes throughout the ecosystem. It is the ANA’s belief that the industry requires an independent, objective, third-party individual/organization to:

  • Demystify the landscape.
  • Understand the role of holding companies and their levels of engagement.
  • Understand if media plans are being compromised.
  • Develop practical solutions and best-practice behaviors that serve as industry standards.
  • Determine where marketers’ behavior may be “pushing the limits.

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