The Digital Agency vs. In-House Debate

If you’ve ever had to make the decision of expanding your in-house team or hiring a marketing agency to bring your digital goals and marketing wish list to life – you’re not alone. In my opinion, it’s the best marketers that test options, opportunities and weigh the risks and rewards of each step (it’s the key to improvement, innovation and optimization).

Here are some of the benefits a digital marketing agency will provide (vs. sourcing in-house);

Inject Creativity Into Your Brand

Trying to solve the same problems all day can become stale and challenging. While a single focus can develop expertise, after a while it can be difficult for some in-house teams to think outside the box and see the forest through the trees. Agencies who work with a variety of industries and clients can offer new opinions and creative solutions that may not be visible to the tired eye. Supporting your in-house team with a fresh look and new perspective on developing a digital strategy can keep your brand competitive and positioned as an industry leader. Remember, you don’t know what you don’t know.

Let Your Team Focus On Executing

Hiring an external marketing team can be a great compliment to your existing in-house assets. You provide help in shaping the overall strategic direction while your agency manages the operational duties of marketing production. This can free up your team, both mentally and physically, to focus on nurturing and closing the leads your agency is responsible for pulling in. Let your brand devote its resources to navigating through internal meetings and executing.

Experience Is The Best Teacher

Making the right choice for an internal team involves finding individuals you can trust to execute a wide variety of marketing strategies. This issue is, you don’t want a jack-of-all-trades and master of none. Agencies hire experts to fill specialized roles so they can hone their niche skills and come together as a team to create a singular marketing unit. That expertise paired with a network of trusted partners can be a big compliment to your already established team.

Home Field Advantage

Your agency is more that your business partner; it’s your pillar of support to answer questions, educate your team, and keep your business ahead of the curve. From local companies to international brands, businesses can benefit from the experience and deep understanding of user behaviors and interests agencies possess. If you want to market to a specific geographic area (country, region, etc), finding an agency that is in that area can be key – they know your consumer well, because they are your consumer. For example, doing SEO or Paid Media in the US really is best done by agencies in the US because they understand the regional linguistics and the localization that needs to happen with any marketing, advertising or content.

An Ace Up Your Sleeve

Agencies perform the same tasks in a variety of industries to become experts at optimizing campaigns and strategies. This eliminates the learning curve and saves your business time and money by hitting the ground running.

Agencies also have access to the best tools, platforms, and technology and can often be more cost effective than purchasing a tool and in-house management. Many agencies already have access to a wide variety of tools and for the same price as many top industry tools, your brand can have an entire team to manage campaigns and analyze results.

Reduce Risk

Whatever direction your brand choses to take, it’s a big decision. Brands must measure the risk vs. reward for their particular situation to be confident in their choice. Agencies allow your business to get a tailor fit service that can be adjusted based on exactly when and where you need help. While agency expenses can seem like a lot up front, consider that hiring an employee actually costs at least 30% more than their salary. Hiring the wrong employee can lead to even greater expenses such as recruiting costs, salary, benefits, other costs (office equipment, training, managing), HR issues, missed business opportunities, impact on employee morale, and severance. For the same price as one expert level employee, you brand can have access to a complete team of resources including specialists, strategists, analysts, and experts. An external team also eliminates the risk of what may happen if members of your in-house team leave.


Before your business takes the next leap into developing it’s digital marketing strategy, consider all the components that influence your bottom line. Your results are directly tied to your available resources and the efficiency of your execution.



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