YouTube is a Search Engine & Other Social / Video Search Stats

In CCO this month, Seth Dotterer (VP of Marketing at Conductor / @Conductor) brought up some good points on social search and video search with his article YouTube is a Search Engine – here are the sound-bite highlights;

  • “…video is expected to account for 79 percent of all consumer internet traffic by 2018.”
  • “Facebook serves more than 1 billion searches per day, and Pinterest – consistently ranked in comScore’s top 50 digital media properties – launched guided search this summer.  (Pinterest says it wants to be the place where people search for inspiration.)”
  • “…with a little in-house talent, a decent camera and some editing software, any brand can produce video its audiences want to watch. Here are some ideas;”
    • How-to (RZ: these keywords also tend to draw massive search volume as well)
    • List (RZ: pick the most video-friendly topics from your editorial calendar)
    • Unboxing (RZ: if you enjoy unwrapping a gift, you’ll totally understand this one)

Other top video trends to align with your brand and demand (keyword search volume) can be found on YouTube’s Trends Dashboard.


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