Organic Search – Industry & Vendor Trends

Back to DigitalRelevance‘s 2015 Enterprise Buyer’s Guide to SEO – it includes even more info on organic search industry trends – and – trends in best vendors that sums up the state of the SEO industry in a few lists (love!) – here are the highlights;

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 2.37.53 PM

Organic Search Trends

  • The Big Picture > Sustainable SEO – understanding macro-trends (not just the micro-trend code-level updates) in SEO is mandatory, now that competition is more intense – this means SEO is at the core of your Content Strategy & marketing machine.
  • Increase of Long-Tail Search Traffic (16% of all searches done today have never been seen before – and – social & video are an ever present search competitor).
  • Changing Display of Search Results (Google Carousel, Knowledge Graph, and future changes & updates).
  • Merging of Thought Leadership and Social Engagement – social engagement is needed as proof to Google that you’re a true thought leader (or, it could be correlary, in that brands that do great SEO also support great social efforts).
  • Value of Truly Earned Links – link building is alive, and better than ever – given that it’s one of the few ways to still rise above the competition, prove relevance, and leverage content.
  • Fragmentation of Search – optimization on other platforms is necessary, as Google is losing a bit of search traffic to other info providers; Amazon, Wikipedia, Yelp and mobile apps.  Amazon SEO is a great next step to consider.
  • Diminishing Focus on Keywords and Rankings – first manifest in Google’s encryption of keyword search data – putting more focus on the use of Google Webmaster Tools (GWT).
  • Personalization – personalized results across channels will set brands apart.
  • Importance of Mobile – mobile surpassed desktop in 2014 so mobile-specific content and pages are a must.

Common Traits of Winning SEO Providers

  • Passion – a team that will tell any brand what it’s going to take to get the job done, not just what they want to hear – not sacrificing quality for a quick win, yet proposing a sustainable strategy that will work.
  • A Track Record of Success – a demonstration of impressive and sustained results across multiple brands over time (especially if dated back to the birth of SEO).
  • A Long-Term Focus – an understanding of the sales funnel and how content aligns to it, planning, measuring and creating long-term campaigns that make an impact (and please upper level execs).
  • A Multi-Disciplinary Approach – a holistic, sustainable approach to SEO is a multi-disciplinary one that relies on the interplay between search, media outreach, content, technical elements and social factors (and video!).
  • The Ability to Execute and Prove ROI – execution and measurement of the items above for both B2C and B2B clients.

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