The Wiz of Moz’s Tips for 2015

GREAT article from Chief Content Officer Magazine #CCOMAG this previous month, with commentary from Rand Fishkin, and some good-as-gold tips for SEO, Strategy & Measurement.  Here are the sound-bite highlights;

  • “It may be true that SEO has been around a long time, but it is still the most powerful earned, nonpaid source of traffic on the web”
  • “Google is sending out 10 times more traffic everyday than Facebook does.”
  • “Due to a lack of knowledge, there’s underinvestment in SEO by content marketers to the detriment of their efforts.”
  • “What I also see from those who invest in content marketing is an addiction to the daily drive to add more content – mostly for the reason that if they don’t have something new, they can’t drive more traffic.  SEO is potentially a huge solution for that problem.”
  • “While social media and other sources of promotion fade after a few hours or days, search traffic continues on for months or years.”
  • On Google Universal: “…in these cases, Google is usually taking away traffic when a decision is already made or when there’s not a lot of opportunity to capture conversion-focused value from those visitors.  And by offering the information up front, Google is promoting more and greater use of Google.  You can see that in mobile search statistics, which just keep going up and to the right… in the long term it creates a bigger pie for everyone including marketers.”
  • “Search is one of the most popular things we do on mobile devices, and certainly one of the most popular things we do on the mobile web.”
  • “Many marketers are failing right now to properly connect and measure ROI from various channels… social media is a channel that very rarely figures in the last click before conversion… social media and content marketing are often broadening the very top of the funnel.  They affect how people discover you, get branded by you and first come to know you.  For the next three, six, or nine months, those people will often turn into conversations or amplifiers… but unfortunately, we don’t have great ways of measuring that data.”
  • On Channels like Social Media: “has low competition and much less noise.  A lot of people won’t put dollars towards them – which means there’s tremendous opportunity in those channels.  Unfortunately, people focus on what they can measure.”
  • “…I am seeing a huge amount of investment in content marketing, and that’s exciting, but I think the pendulum has swung too far to quantity over quality.”


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