Content & Commodities @ CES 2015

From my agency perspective, CES 2015 (#CES2015) was the year of Content & Commodities across technology.  One thing is made VERY apparent at this show – we have even more ways to consume content, but also, ways to power, customize and accessorize the devices with which we consume this content.  That creates a need for (1) lower cost devices / commodities and (2) great branded content.

The nature of commodities is that they are the same high-tech consumers are seeking, only at a more affordable cost, increasing the adoption of such devices.  There are several brands that all provide the same curved TV, the same set of headphones, the same smart phone – making digital content all the more readily available.

The interesting opportunity here is also with branded content – the kind of content that is accessible via a TV or digital device, that stands apart – but most importantly, simply… exists.  It’s those brands that have no content, no social presence, no search visibility that in the digital age, don’t exist.  Digital, video, audio, article, infographic, social content – whatever the right mix, start producing the right type of content (i.e. – give consumers something to connect with, the brand experience doesn’t stop with the product / service these days).

Sarah Hofstetter (@pezmeister1) of 360i sums it up well with her perspective on the affordability of new technology across the board…

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