Content & B2B Social Selling

Altimeter Group‘s Rebecca Lieb provides very simple, yet useful perspective on the role of content in B2B social selling – or – what you could also consider as the most valuable use for social media in a B2B business (supporting sales), where content is key;

Without “content,” all you have left in social sales is “social,” i.e., a platform, a forum or a social network. Devoid of content, all these channels amount to empty containers.

She provides some great tips to start right with strategy first;

  1. Align Content to the Sales Funnel
  2. Empower Staff to Curate & Aggregate
  3. Listen & Respond
  4. Apply Metrics (to measure performance)
  5. Build Social Sales Content into the Overall Content Strategy
  6. Train (and educate internal staff and execs)
  7. Hire Accordingly (you’ll need the extra help)

Lastly, it’s helpful to know that if you are in the conundrum of ‘what to do with social media for my anti-social B2B business’, you’re not alone.  Consider this an opportunity to blast ahead of the competition.


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