Worth Knowing – Google’s Physical Web Initiative

A recent report noted Google’s new ‘Physical Web Initiative’ that aims to make interaction with services, tools, vendors that you use on a daily basis that much easier.  These types of services, tools and vendors might have their own app or kiosk that you’d already connect with individually – what Google is doing is trying to incorporate all of them into one app.  Things like zipcars / bikes, vending machines, parking meters – the day to day transaction units that we interact with, all on one payment / interaction system.

…it’s like the dawn of another iteration of the digital age…

First it was websites – the technology was there, and businesses were on the hook to implement / use it for their business.  It completely changed the way we shop & interact with businesses in less than 10 years.

Then it was search – the technology was there (only it wasn’t so easy to figure out, and still isn’t) – thus came the rise of SEO and Paid Search.

Then it was social – many businesses hesitated at first (as it was almost impossible to make the ROI connection), but now almost every business has a presence on Facebook, at the very least.

Then it was mobile – realizing many consumers don’t have (or need) a personal computer, now businesses have to align with mobile web & app standards as well.

NEXT – it could be Physical Web – and businesses will have to adapt, or be left in the dust… again.

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