Google’s ‘Boomers’ vs. Bing’s ‘Starters’

Interesting research from Hitwise’s Mosaic tool on the differences between Google and Bing searcher personas;

In Google, the highest indexed audience is labeled Booming with Confidence who are “prosperous, established couples in their peak earning years living in suburban homes (aka well-to-do baby boomers).” This group is also the second most engaged audience in Bing, and represents $59.9 million regular Internet users according to eMarketer.

In Bing, the highest indexing group is what Mosaic called Singles and Starters, who are defined as “young singles starting out, and some starter families, in diverse urban communities.” This group is also the third most engaged audience on Google. This group overall has high engagement with the Internet and are early tech adopters.

However Google’s other core audience is more elite, while Bing captures an older audience. Google’s second most engaged group is defined as Power Elite, who are the “wealthiest households in the US, living in the most exclusive neighborhoods, and enjoying all that life has to offer.” They are highly engaged in travel, finance, sports, family, and are brand conscious. At this time, we do not have conversion rate information by demographic; however, they may be more likely to transact against a paid search ad since they have disposable income and are digitally savvy.

Bing’s third most engaged audience is defined as Golden Year Guardians, who are retirees living in settled residences and communities. They are late digital adopters who are still engaged in traditional media and we stipulate that they are also Internet Explorer users who use the general browser option. They are health conscious, cautious money managers, and typically live in suburban or urban living environments.

Thanks for sharing, iProspect!

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