Local SEO: The Most Powerful Customer Acquisition Strategy

Last week, ZOG Digital held a webinar entitled “Digital Marketing for Multi-Location Businesses” – presented by ZOG, UBL and Forrester – as a 101 course in the who, what, where, why and how of Local SEO or Local / Mobile Search.  Like most marketers, I don’t have time for webinars – but I DO have time for… you guessed it – Cliffs Notes.  Here are the Cliffs Notes (Article) from that webinar that illustrate the importance of, and how to accomplish optimization within Local / Mobile Search for a Multi-Location Business.

Local search engine optimization has proven its ability to drive in-store sales.

ZOG Digital & QSR Magazine, July 2014.

  • Local SEO success comes with three tactics; On-Page Optimization, Local Directory Syndication and Local Link Building.
  • With On-Page Optimization, if location-based information is not indexable, it will reduce your search rank and visibility to local searchers.
  • With Directory Listings, the more directories that cite a business’s location data, the more credibility it is given by search engines, increasing search rank.
  • With Local Link Building, it is the quality and quantity of links that matters – a time consuming task, done on a localized level, with local keywords, on external websites that have local reach.
  • Relevance.  Restaurants are the most searched for industry on mobile browsers and mobile apps.
  • Conversion Timeline.  90% of mobile searchers convert within the day, 64% within the hour of their search query (Source: Nielsen).
  • Competitive Advantage.  The restaurant industry is currently, generally unsophisticated in the adoption of Local SEO, thus providing an opportunity to gain a head start on optimization that will pay off months and years down the line.

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