Local SEO 101 – from ZOG Digital, UBL and Forrester

Last week, ZOG Digital held a webinar entitled “Digital Marketing for Multi-Location Businesses” – presented by ZOG, UBL and Forrester – as a 101 course in the who, what, where, why and how of Local SEO or Local / Mobile Search.  Like most marketers, I don’t have time for webinars – but I DO have time for… you guessed it – Cliffs Notes.  Here are the Cliffs Notes (part 1 of 3) from that webinar that illustrate the importance of, and how to accomplish optimization within Local / Mobile Search for a Multi-Location Business.

ZOG Digital: Digital Marketing for Multi-Location Businesses

View the Slides Online > Digital Marketing for Multi-Location Businesses

  • How Local SEO impacts the Consumer Decision Path
    • 4 in 5 consumers use search engines to find local information
    • 84% search on computer or tablet
    • 88% search on smartphone
    • 18% of local smartphone searches lead to a purchase within a day
    • Source: Google / Ipsos MedicaCT/Purchased, Research: Understanding Consumers’ Local Search Behavior, May 2014.
  • Major Factors that Influence Local Search Rankings
    • 50% of influence = local directories
    • 19% of influence = on-page SEO
    • 10% of influence = reviews
    • 6% of influence = social signals
    • 6% of influence = website performance
    • 9% of influence = personalization
    • Source: Local Search Ranking Factors 2013 Survey, David Mihm / Moz
  • How to Optimize for Local SEO
    • Develop unique location page content
    • Conduct keyword research, by location
    • Utilize structured data to guide search engines (shema.org preferred)
    • Link local directory listings to their applicable location page
    • OR – hire a marketing agency with Local SEO expertise to do it for you.

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