SEO 101 for Executives

Convincing executives of the value proposition and business case behind SEO is a conversation that still comes up regularly.  Here’s my take on the list of SEO TRUTHS presented by Trond @ Search Engine Land

  1. Offline & Online Marketing are Co-Dependent.  Yep, just as Paid Search and SEO are dependent on branding (branded keywords make up the majority of traffic from both channels – and – in more competitive search markets where SERP1 is dominated by long-time SEO veterans, for a newcomer, sometime brand – and advertising – is all you’ve got!)
  2. You Don’t Own Your Search Rankings.  Maintaining search rank is like letting your business run without management for a few weeks – any success is just by luck, until things fall apart.  When you think of the competitors that are actively targeting your business, you’re helping them out by not doing SEO.
  3. Even Small, Careless Changes Can Damage Your SEO.  Simple changes to website copy (just because something ‘sounds better’), navigation nomenclature, imagery, pages, page location can have a drastic effect on SEO that you’ve been building up.
  4. Be Careful When Changing to a New CMS.  AND – be careful when redesigning the website, there needs to be a smooth transition with content, links, and SEO equity, or you’ll loose a majority of the SEO equity you’ve invested in all those years.  Even picking the right CMS can set you ahead or behind with SEO.
  5. Mobile SEO is not just “Responsive Design”.  You can have ‘responsive design’ without any mobile SEO.  Mobile SEO is a strategy all to itself, with other affected channels like Local Search / SEO, etc.
  6. SEO isn’t an Act – It’s the Whole Play.  Some of the best brands we talk to incorporate SEO into every facet of their business, and every bit of content that they create.  It’s like having a healthy lifestyle vs. dieting.  SEO is a lifestyle.
  7. Change is the only Constant.  As it should be – it’s an online marketplace, not that different from the offline marketplaces that we shop & search in today.

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