The Trifecta of Local Search

Talk about bizarre – 1 day after the launch of ZOG Digital’s Local Footprint Tracker, Google also releases a new local search study in Think Insights, and Search Engine Watch leads with the same hot story.  Could it be a coincedence?  Nope.  We’re in co-hoots with Google and SEW to make sure that marketers finally get it – the “Trifecta of Local Search”.

What’s in the trifecta?  It’s the recipe for success within local search;

  • On-Page Optimization (SEO-optimized locations pages, preferably static, owned assets)
  • Localized Link Building (High quality link building with local keyword anchor text links to SEO-optimized locations pages)
  • Directory Syndication (including automated and manual processes, web, mobile and social directories – like Google Places / Pages, Facebook, Yelp, etc.)

The fourth component to gaining local visibility in search isn’t organic.  Paid Search and other Advertising options ( will boost local visibility immediately, especially in cases where organic Local Search results make take time to increase in rank – or – for seasonality / event influx.

This “Trifecta” is very simple in its approach – one reason why single unit businesses and restaurants outperform chain restaurants and multi-location businesses – because their content is simple – typically one very basic web page, and basic directory syndication, with some high quality links.  Something that gets lost in corporate chaos.


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