You know you need a PPC Expert, if…

Here’s a great line from Search Engine Watch

If you’re new to PPC, you may be unaware that it will cost you less to hire an expert than it will to launch a campaign on your own.

Pierre Zarokian continues on with 10 (adjusted) reasons to hire a PPC management expert;

  1.  GOOD Keyword research isn’t easy (and the good stuff isn’t free) – so PPC experts use multiple data points to form a more complete picture of the keywords in the search landscape.
  2. WRONG ad copy leads to low conversion & lower quality score (meaning you just wasted a ton of money).
  3. Tracking requires technical expertise – if you don’t know how to setup conversion goal tracking and attribution in Adwords and Analytics (two of your most valuable metrics), you need an expert.
  4. Leveraging experience is priceless – it’ll take a PPC expert with years of experience and many PPC clients LESS TIME and COST to setup your campaign right, than it will for you to figure out, and realize this fact after you’ve lost valuable media budget.  You can read hundreds of articles and forums online, but the good stuff is what you don’t find there.
  5. Campaign settings make things more targeted more difficult.  Targeting, ad groups, ad structure, content network, remarketing… so many options, and the ever-present risk of wasting a ton of ad spend before you know it.
  6. Landing pages matter.  Adwords takes into account the landing page that you’re sending traffic to – as does an expert.  With an optimized landing page, Adwords will increase your quality score, and an expert will be able to effectively support leads / sales with the traffic they generate.
  7. Click fraud?  Yep, you have to monitor for click fraud.
  8. Negative keywords?  Yep, you have to make sure Adwords doesn’t show your ad for things that are unrelated, wrong or down right dirty (and no, it’s not that easy).
  9. Beta programs.  An expert can help get you access into beta programs that may help increase conversion, decrease cost, or provide new features that make a huge impact on your business.
  10. Your time is better spent running the business, not in it.  The time it takes to make these changes right, and manage them, is time better spent doing something else.  You also can’t have an expert ‘set it and forget it’ – that’s the easiest way to lose money, fast.

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