5 Critical Link Building Facts

If you’ve heard that Link Building isn’t good – or that it is a dying SEO tactic, you’ve obviously heard it from the wrong source (or potentially a source that practices black hat tactics).  Jon Ball of Search Engine Watch reiterates 5 critical link building facts to back up why the importance of link building hasn’t changed (the only thing that has, is what TYPE of links).

  • Links are still the core of Google’s search algorithm.
  • Link building and content marketing are fundamentally different.
  • Content marketing is difficult to do well. It takes a PR-trained SEO-pro for high-level content creation.
  • Link building can supercharge your content marketing efforts.
  • You can still build links even if you don’t have great content.

But he forgot one thing, ABLB (always be link building).

If you still aren’t convinced, read more.

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