AdWords Opportunities

There’s a new face of gambling – the Adwords Opportunities tab.  While the budget and ad group recommendations sound like they’re helping you optimize your campaign it’s easy to lose site of the long(er)-term monthly / quarterly goal with snags like;

  • Recommended Budgets: increasing spend based on a per day performance, instead of making the most of the budget the entire month, or taking into account that performance is higher on some days of the week, than others.  Simply put – manage your own budget.
  • Recommended Keywords: sure, the value proposition of a new ad group of keywords sounds great, but with further review, it can include many non-relevant keywords, and can skew clicks and costs.  Simply put – review & manage all keywords.

While new, more data is helpful – running a performing campaign always comes back to having “smart people use smart tools / data”.  Thanks, Search Engine Watch and Diane Pease.

Screen Shot 2014-01-10 at 2.26.38 PM



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