Social Sells / RPV

Internet Retailer recently published some great stats from (No. 202 in the Top 500 Guide) highlighting their ‘secret to success’ in social…

NoMoreRack’s social commerce sales surge is largely a reflection of the retailer increasingly viewing social media – and Facebook in particular – as a direct response channel rather than a forum to boost brand awareness, says Agarwal.

The majority of its posts focus on a specific product, as do most of the posts it pays to publicize via Facebook’s Promoted Posts… led to 35% of the retailer’s traffic in a typical month stemming from social networks.

This is in addition to Adobe’s latest Adobe Digital Index that reports;

…average revenue per visit for shoppers who click from Facebook was 93 cents in the third quarter, up about 39% from 67 cents in the same period a year earlier.

According to the Adobe Digital Index, average Revenue Per Visit from social channels is;

  • Facebook @ $0.93  (up 39% YOY from $0.67)
  • Twitter @ $0.44  (up 300% YOY from $0.11)
  • Pinterest @ $0.55  (up 150% YOY from $0.22)

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