Matt Cutts, Moonshots & the Future @ PubCon, CliffsNotes.

Talk about a great way to wrap up the year – SEL summed up Cutts’ Pubcon speech about Moonshot and the future of SEO in beautiful bullets and snippets galore like;

  • Moonshot changes (voice, convo search, Google Now, word relationships)
  • Core Quality changes (HBird, Panda softening, Authorities)
  • Webspam Changes (Penguin, spam networks, advertorials)
  • Communication w/ webmasters
  • Future of Search (machine learning, mobile, authorship/identity/social)
  • Webspam Trends (hacking, hot topics)

AND – most importantly, his advice…

  • mobile.
  • auto-complete requests for Chrome
  • ad-heavy pages above fold
  • authorship tightening
  • rich snippets
  • smarter on javascript

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