4 Google Changes worth Considering

Mary Weinstein of Search Engine Watch provided some great insight into recent changes w/ Google’s algorithm – and – the HISTORY of changes to the algorithm (great resource!);

  • Keywords NOT PROVIDED (more organic search encryption, GREAT!) – NOTE, the amount of “not provided” data on Google is now at 81%!  A great reason to setup Webmaster tools to help with insight into some of that ‘not provided’ data.
  • That big black ‘beta’ bar called ‘Google Shopping’ or the new format for Local Search Results (for specific industries only – like travel/tourism, food, etc).  Note – if this takes off, could it take down Yelp!?  STAY TUNED!
  • Google Hummingbird, powered by voice recognition, now increasing the value of optimizing for conversational search.
  • Google+ Shared Endorsements for Product Listing Ads – maybe it IS worthwhile to engage in Google+ after all…?
  • AND, here’s my favorite part… just when you think Google isn’t THAT IMPORTANT…

Google squashed Wall Street projections for YOY with a reported $14 billion in revenue for Q3 2013, and a net income of $2.97 billion, a 12% increase.

Google doesn’t mess around with search, and they are aiming to be the destination for product searches and purchases online. Google Shopping may make a lot of changes, but if you’re an online merchant that’s looking to profit, Google is the largest revenue and traffic generating shopping channel.

Thanks, Mary!


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