20 Brands, 20 Topics – Earned Media, Search & Social

Andy Betts of Search Engine Watch recently shared 20 key insights from 20 brands (with plenty of great infographs and presentations) on the topics of earned media, search and social – as a result of the BrightEdge Share13 Conference. Here are the highlights;

  • the rise of earned media (more trusted than any other channel)
  • the future of search (and how it’s changing with mobile)
  • attribution and content (multi-device approach)
  • the digital CMO (predicting consumer desires)
  • the digital CMO challenge (articulate digital value)
  • global and mobile SEO
  • quality content marketing at scale
  • enterprise content marketing & reach
  • search forcasting and business impact
  • social, search & tv (digital consumption has outpaced tv)
  • metrics and analytics that matter (big data)
  • adapting SEO metrics to SERP changes
  • metrics that drive SEO engagement
  • search & earned media case study
  • search & earned media (how to bring it together)
  • aligning content & SEO
  • creating content for customers (not spiders)
  • webmaster tools and whitehat practices
  • loving links beyond SEO
  • the social business transformation
  • mobile and SEO budgets changing



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