Google Analytics’ ‘Not Provided’ & SEO

Search Engine Watch author Adam Stetzer just highlighted some great points on ‘Not Provided’ traffic data in Google Analytics AND Hummingbird – and what it means for SEO reporting.  Some highlights;

  • Attribute Non-Branded Traffic to SEO, Branded Traffic to Other Marketing Efforts
  • ‘Not Provided’ has ‘decimated’ this type of analysis, but…
  • Small adjustments to SEO analysis can help…
  • Brand mentions may be more critical than ever (but don’t overdo it)
  • Breadth of website [content] matters (especially when it comes to Hummingbird)
  • Replace Non-Branded Keyword Traffic w/ Entrance Pages
  • A healthy website is constantly expanding in breadth (new keyword rankings)

How to build breadth?  There are a couple ways…

  • Newsjack hot stories & ‘insert’ the brand
  • Create infographics
  • Create videos
  • Use social media for UGC to promote (from staff & customers)

…and when all else fails, read this infographic;



Thanks, HubShout.


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